And the winner of a Sportsmania Sub is....

The Christmas giveaway!

Sportsmania is a paid for add on which gives amazing quality of streams and offers a vast array of Soccer, Boxing, Spors Channels and a host of other content. It is one of the best subscription based services we have found and we were therefore delighted to team up with the folks at Sportsmania to offer a free 3 month sub.

The rules were simple sign up to email subscriptions from and you would automatically be entered into the draw.


I can now announce that the winner is.................


Troy Goodfellow


Congratulations Troy, please contact me either via the Facebook group or via the contact page above and I will put you in contact with Willow from the SM team!

If you would like to be in with a chance to win the next giveaway then please make sure you subscribe to email updates!


Merry Christmas!