With all the recent press, I thought this may help!

There has been much press coverage regarding Kodi and its legality in recent days. I have looked at recent court cases and hope this video will clear it up.

Please note that this is my opinion only and you should satisfy yourself if unsure or seek appropriate advice.

Further Comment below the video link.

In 2016 the EU Court was asked if streaming was illegal and, according to a report by Torrentfreak.com it was found that viewing a stream is classed as watching. 

Now this doesn't mean that it is 'lawful' it just shows that there is an unrealistic chance of a successful prosecution of an individual for watching a stream from a third party.

It is clear that the selling of pre loaded boxes which gain the user direct access to copyrighted material is illegal and in the UK there is a case in the courts currently where a man was selling such devices and advertising as 'free tv'.

It seems that in the UK at least, the main pursuant for stamping out this trade are BT, Sky and the premier league who estimate losses from this activity are in the 100's of million pounds. 

It is likely with the huge increase in the use and purchase of these boxes that the law may well be looked at again. The big difference with streaming and downloading is that with streaming the end user is never holding the copyrighted material. When people download from torrent sites, not only do they hold a digital copy of the item but are also likely to be redistributing the file by acting as a seed for other downloaders.

We will keep you up to date with any law changes and update you on the current cases going through the courts as soon as they are finalised.