Premier League 'Fightback' Lets see what happens this weekend

Premier League football returns this weekend and the powers that control the 'best league in the World' are promising a fightback against online pirate streams. Often mis quoted as 'Kodi Boxes' which is hilariously poor reporting will have access to servers stopped and shut down all together.

One Stream closes, another opens.

One Stream closes, another opens.

In practice, I doubt we will see / notice much difference to a regular weekend where there are countless streams available. Sadly, for The Premier League it is likely to turn into a case of 'Whack a mole' where as soon as one gets shut down, others appear.

Already we have heard that developers are also raising their game to stay undetected and continue to offer the paid for and free streams. Rumours were flying round earlier that Mobdro - the popular Android application, would be closed this weekend although we have heard nothing official to substantiate this.

The main issue seems to be the normally un televised 3pm Saturday Kick off's. Why the governing bodies don't just make all the games available either on a pay-per-match or subscription basis, is beyond me. They claim that it could affect attendances in lower leagues and therefore those clubs' revenue, in reality, thousands of people are sat at their computers, 'Kodi Boxes' (LOL) enjoying the watching their favourite team.

After a US ruling this week where ISP's can pass on the internet history of anyone a VPN may be your answer to stay anonymous. If you would like to check out our recommendation then please click HERE 

Well as Tom chases Jerry around the kitchen I am sure there will be plenty of streams available and this 'cat and mouse' game will go on for some time yet. ENJOY THE FOOTY FOLKS!