Fold Flat Travel Laptop Stand - Plus Giveaway but you need to be creative!


If you are looking for a fold flat travel laptop stand that is fairly inexpensive then you may wish to consider this from The Techccessories. Its a light, self assembly (in seconds) wooden stand that really helps with back strain and posture.


Weighing in at just 1lb or 450g this is a ‘take anywhere stand that is simple to slot together. It easily holds a 13 inch laptop as well as my 15 inch MacBook pro. It can also make a handy stand for a tablet or other similar size screen.


This only came out a little while ago and I could only find it in the US so for my UK readers leave a comment below if you’d like this and i’ll select a winner from the comment that makes me laugh the most, so this could be the biggest sob story of why winning this laptop stand will change your life or similar! Be creative