The Sky Q iPad APP - A Must Have Application!!

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When you first open the Sky Q iPad App, you are greeted with the familiar planner that you will see on your main Sky Q TV box. This is reassuringly functional and has the synergy that Sky were obviously desiring.

If connected to the same WIFI network as the main Sky Q box then the APP will be able to mirror all the features of the box including watching live TV, recordings and catch up. The added bonus is that in this mode, the iPad does not count as one of your 'Managed Devices' and therefore can be used in addition to your Sky Go devices. 

It is only when you download material to the iPad does it become a managed device and has to be one of the four (in my case) that can access the service away from the home network.

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I would rate this application as 5 stars when connected to the same network as the main Sky Q box, when away from home it does still have function. If you are signed in with your Sky ID you can plan recordings and set series links, if the device is one of your managed devices you will be able to access downloaded programs.

Anyone with an iPad or tablet and considering getting Sky Q will love the app and all the features it offers. It comes into its own when someone wants to hook it up with a pair of headphones and watch something different to what is showing on the main TV!