The not so 'exclusive' Apple Keyboard, Mouse & Trackpad in Space Grey!

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iMac Pro owners have, since it's launched, enjoyed an air of superiority when it comes to there accessories! Not only are they proud owners of an incredible machine, until now they have had exclusive access to the highly desired space grey keyboard, mouse & trackpad.

All of that has now changed with Apple releasing to the masses these popular additions and now all can enjoy these spectacular 'must have' accessories at a price though!

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Those Apple customers with a laptop that is hooked up to a separate display, as we do, will now enjoy these peripherals. As mentioned before they are not cheap, the trackpad is $129 or £129, mouse are $99 US or £99 in the UK and the keyboard is an eve watering $149 US, £149 UK. 

So if you really want to join that exclusive club only recently occupied by the iMac Pro customers, you will need to dig deep into your back pocket!