How much Apple Product makes you an Apple Fan Boy?


You, like me will have heard the term 'Apple Fan Boy' but have you wondered how much Apple product you need to own before you can be accused of this rather odd slur....

Well, I decided to lay out my Apple products for the world to see, and no my friends, I am not embarrassed. My collection is probably very little compared to others, in fact it would be great for you to post images of yours here

So about 10 years ago you were either a PC guy or a Mac guy but now with the addition of phones, watches, speakers, and now even pencils, it is very easy to envelop yourself in the apple ecosystem.

Marques Brownlee made a brilliant video about the ecosystem and for me certainly is very true, from the moment I bought my white 2007 Apple MacBook and then the first iPhone I became a member of this sometimes ridiculed club.


I believe the answer to the title is not actually how much Apple product you have but, how little other product do you have?

So I have had many iPhones in fact almost every iPhone that has been produced I currently have working, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 7 plus,  iPhone 5C White an iPhone 5C Green and a number of broken screen iPhone 4's and 5S'.

You'll see from the picture I have three MacBooks the original 2007 white MacBook which are still love, a 2017 MacBook Air which is the travel and my powerhouse the 2015 top spec MacBook Pro. I also have a Mac Mini which I use in my office for every day Internet etc. Over the years I have also owned, but sold, iMac 20" & 27".

I recently purchased the new 2018 Apple iPad together with the apple pencil and this has now joined its smaller and older brother the iPad mini retina.

Lastly the remainder of the Apple products are Apple Homepod, Apple watch and not pictured (because I forgot) my Apple TV as well as the Magic mouse and Magic Mouse 2, Wireless Keyboard and a new space grey keyboard.

So does this make me an apple fan boy well you guys will have to decide.