Using some Kodi add ons, Terrarium TV or similar? You Need to READ THIS


The world of KODI and the APK's or APPS that allow access to copyrighted material is under increasing pressure. In the last few days Amazon have reiterated their desire to rid there online store of, the well known but incorrect term, 'Kodi Boxes'.

In the UK there has been probably the highest enforcement with recent jail terms handed to a couple selling 'Fully loaded' boxes. It does appear that the net is tightening and the end consumer could well be next to receive a knock on the door!

Now while we all know that there is nothing illegal with Kodi itself, it is the 3rd party, non endorsed developers, that are adding some questionable material to this popular platform that is gaining the attention of the authorities.

Even YouTuber's & websites have been targeted as it is alleged that have shown or linked to these apps and even without hosting them, they have been written to and handed cease and desist notices. If they are believed to be encouraging or promoting apps or sites that breach copyright they could be accused and charged.

So What about the End User?

However unlikely it seems, you may be targeted next! It is very possible that the authorities will want to see a landmark case that results in the prosecution of a regular end user. This would clearly send a warning to millions of others that they may be next.

So what can you do?

Again if you are using these types of apps and are not completely 100% sure on there legality then you really ought to be using a VPN. Using one will disguise your location and give you a false IP Address. Many believe that using a VPN should be encouraged anyway as it helps protect against you becoming a victim of cyber crime.

When it comes to paid or free, we found best results with a paid service as the free ones we tried can throttle your internet speed. One of the largest providers are IPVANISH who for a reasonable fee offer full secure protection over multiple devices. You can find out more HERE there are obviously other providers free and paid, please see below others you may wish look at.

Hotspot Shield, Tunnelbear, Windscribe, Speedify, Proton VPN,, NordVPN.