The Smartest of Smart Lock - Lockly Fingerprint, Pin Genie, Remote Access

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The world of Smart Home Tech has certainly advanced in recent years, now almost anything can have a ‘smart twist’ sometimes it can seem a bit ‘gimmicky’ but with this device it most certainly isn’t.

The team at Lockly believe their locks are the smartest and most advanced in the the World. We tested the Lockly Secure Deadbolt and were blown away with it’s ease of installation and smart tech!

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Now, there is something really cool about approaching your locked office door armed only with the finger you were born with, placing it on the 3D scanner and, bingo, the door springs open. It is not just about coolness and fun, there are a myriad of sensible uses for this type of technology, from granting guests access to an ‘Air bnb’ or giving your cleaner access. The flexibility of this long is incredible you can:

Set one-time access codes

Set codes that expire after certain dates

Open the lock from the other side of the world (Wi-Fi Bridge required comes with the PRO version or bought separately)


Open the door via bluetooth

Set multiple fingerprint access

These are just some of the functions, we also loved the Pin Genie system which randomly moves the numbers so when accessing via the pin touch screen you never create the same pattern (ATM machines would benefit from this!)


The install guides and paperwork that accompanied the lock were impressive, detailed yet easy to follow, we had ours fully installed in around 20 minutes and believe me, I am no expert!

The APP that you download also makes the programming of the lock an absolute breeze and you can easily use this app to set new codes, give people access and, as demonstrated in the video review, set up fingerprint access.

One simple but potentially incredibly helpful feature is the ability to open the lock via bluetooth, this could really assist someone that is unable or finds it hard to get to the door. The model we tested retails at $249.99 and is available on for around $75 dollars it can be shipped to the UK this would bring the total to around £250 which we still think is great value for money.

Available from APRIL 2019