WOW - The SONY WF-1000XM3 Truly Wireless Headphones are Stunning!!


So it’s around 2 years since Sony launched the WF-1000X Truly Wireless noise cancelling ear phones their successor is here and with no logical sense these are called the Mach 3’s missing out the Mach 2 completely. 



The not so ‘role of the tongue’ WF-1000XM3’s hope to take a leap forward from the distinctly underwhelming first version. These earphones are one of the most anticipated products of the year and do come with much hype that these will be one of the best rivals to the latest Apple AirPod’s.


Aesthetically these look great and you’ll notice that not only has the name been stolen from there over ear cousins the WH1000M3, the look and styling of these is almost identical, coming in the same two colours which mirror the hugely popular over ear headphones, black with a gold accent and a silvery ivory with gold accents, whichever you choose they will look fantastic.






Sony have decided to move away from the drop style of the AirPod’s instead opting for an oblong shape which is bigger than some of its rivals, this we are told is to allow for the extra tech needed to deliver the HD Noise cancelling. They also therefore look more conspicuous.


These are in-ear and Sony provides a range of different buds in different materials that should fit any ear. In our test we wore them solidly for 6 hours on a flight and found them comfortable and unlike the over-ear version, which can get make your ears very warm, these had no similar issue.


‘Unbelievable’ was my first word when I rocked Pink Floyd’s Money from these, it was astonishing the range of sound delivered from such a small earphone. You do sometimes expect greatness from Sony especially if like me, you have been spoilt for the last year by owning the WH-1000M3s.


I am no audiophile and there are people far more qualified to talk about the Highs, the mid’s etc All I know is that sound quality wise these destroyed my AirPod’s. Some people will point to the lack of support for Hi-Res Audio and the missing aptX Bluetooth compatibility, but these same people will likely forget those omissions within a few minutes – they are that good!


The other big excitement for these is the new technology that delivers the noise cancelling and I do have to say that sitting on a plane and the airport lounge, I was very pleased with how it achieves this it is quite remarkable in such a small unit, it is important to say that this are not quite as good at noise cancelling as the WH1000M3 over ear, but that is to be expected. The technology used is the same and it is quite easy to forget how small the form factor is and therefore the ability to deliver this feature in as competent a way is remarkable!


Android uses will love the NFC and this is quick and reliable to pair, the earphones create their own Bluetooth connection which means they can operate independently and lag is reduced.


Where these come 2ndto the AirPods is with multiple device connections, Apples W2 chip means seamless automatic connections between different devices where the Sony’s still require manual disconnecting and reconnecting between devices. This is achieved fairly easily by long pressing the main function button to send them into pairing mode – and realistically how often are you likely to be switching between devices?

The Stylish Case will charge them three times

The Stylish Case will charge them three times


Battery life is also quite stunning, similar products can sometimes achieve 3 or 4 hours these breezed through the six hour flight and with the charging case you can recharge another 3 times.






Consideration needs to be given if you are using these in the gym or jogging, for me they remained firmly in press despite me rigorously shaking my head and jumping up and down on the spot. The lack of a over ear support arm may be missed by some. These also have no IPX rating and therefore not rated against splashing or sweat.


It was really hard to find any negatives and these are exceptional value and my advice is just buy them! Here are my overall highs as well as a couple of areas which later versions could improve on.


Things we love

Sound Quality 

Noise Cancelling 

Look and Build Quality 

In Ear Options / Controls

Sony App

Customizable Touch controls


Things we miss

Wireless Charging Case

Seamless Multiple Connections

Hi-Res Audio Support 

Hey Siri not supported