Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 - True Wireless Ear Monitors


High End Audio firm Cambridge Audio are renowned for delivering exceptional quality, ear pleasing products and have recently launched an affordable ‘true wireless’ earphone.

Named after there own live entertainment space at there R & D site the Melomania 1’s deliver a very unique sound that those clarity seeking enthusiasts will love. By their own words they aim to ‘save the world from shit sound’ and in these ‘buds they have definitely accomplished this.



The style, in my opinion, is a touch ‘bolt-like’ and those with smaller ears may be a little conscious of how far these protrude however medium to larger ears will have no issue. Build quality is exceptional and the touch control is a joy to use, offering multiple functions as found on many similar but also having the less common volume control which works brilliantly.


In my video review (below) I mentioned about the ‘clean, ‘crisp’ audio which favours the highs more so than the lows, it really is quite unique but really pleasant. My go to track for testing any headphone or earphone is Money, by Pink Floyd as the array of tones and mixes is vast and you see really quickly how well a device copes.

I found that these favour the high range more than the lows and the base hungry among you may prefer something like the Sony WF100M3’s which I reviewed previously.

Listening to various tracks on the Melomania 1’s was a joy especially the audio that focused on the instruments, vocal clarity was also good, if I was being very fussy I would say that a touch more base would make them perfect. Maybe the Melomania 2’s will feature this.

Check out my video review