We look at New OLED TVs NANO Cell & Rollable In LG's Exclusive Viewing Area at IFA Berlin 2019


IFA Berlin 2019 will be Europe’s largest electronics show and we were invited to LG’s Future Talk and their viewing area to get a taste of what is around the corner. Here we first look at the different viewing options coming soon and they are truly breathtaking.

Watch the video at the bottom of the page showing these new products


After walking through the 80ft wide array of curved screens that wrapped over your head and displayed incredible scenes from crashing waterfalls to a forest canopy you were welcomed by the, yet to be launched, but first showcased at CES 2019, OLEDR range of TV’s that roll up and down into their own stunningly simple yet beautifully designed sound box.

If just listening to music the screen can stay mostly down just giving the music info with graphics etc.

If just listening to music the screen can stay mostly down just giving the music info with graphics etc.

The OLEDR has yet to be released but is rumoured to become available in LG’s homeland of Korea late 2019 and then rollout globally during 2020 and 2021. The price is the other closely guarded secret but insiders say that a $15,000 dollar launch price is likely.



Three stunning 8K 88 inch OLED tv’s to the right of the rollable designs were next to catch my eye and boy! did they look good! This was my first glimpse of 8K and despite the lack of any commercial content available in this format, I immediately began my heart NEEDING this beauty. The likely launch price suggested by some to range between $30,000 - $40,000 dollars gave me the reality check I needed however it is great to see what we will be see becoming affordable and normal over the next 3-5 years.

‘not better in reality, it’s better THAN reality’

It was quite a surreal feeling looking at the images displayed in glorious 8K HDR then glancing around the room and feeling that the images being displayed were not better in reality, they were better THAN reality!

Quite simply stunning, if you get the chance to visit a store or an electronics show where LG are there then do it, you will be gobsmacked!


Another option which still has mystery surrounding its price and launch date are the Nano Cell range of 8K, likely to be significantly cheaper than the OLED displays these may be the more popular choice by consumers. The 75 inch version that I fell involve with features LG’s a9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor which promises to give almost OLED type black level never before seen on a non OLED panel.


Almost seemingly old news were the range of newer wallpaper sets which again have the newer processors delivery better than before pictures.




My dream bedroom set up!

My dream bedroom set up!

As we wandered through the various stands we came to a bedroom set up and a small unit with a laser projector just 7.2 inches from the wall and projecting a 4k image of 120 inches. With a price tag around $6000 dollars this must be a bedroom setup for the rich and famous!

Even in the well lit hall of technology the picture was bright vibrant and very watchable, I can only imagine when propped up in bed with the lights out how good this must look!

This is available to buy now and features LG ThinQ AI, Google Assistant and HDR10.

The future of television from LG is certainly very healthy and with rivals like Sony, Samsung and Panasonic all having their own say with some great machines, these, unaffordable to most, will start to fall in price and become the next range of what we see on the shelves and floors of our local electronics store. Albeit we may have to wait 3-5 years before these are the standard range! That does beg the question though, What then will be the Premium range?……..