The Future of Technology will Inspire You but may Scare you too!


At IFA 2019 in Berlin, Germany this week we were invited to LG’s Future talk powered by IFA 2019. This was a panel style talk with some prominent people in the world of technology, gathered to discuss the technologist that is being developed for tomorrows world.

Dr I P Park, Chief Technology Officer of LG Electronics hosted the talk and was joined by Dino Flore, Vice President of Technology for Qualcomm Europe who are instrumental in rolling out 5G networks, Maurice Conti a designer and futurist who is the Chief Innovation Officer with Alpha and lastly, Ralph Wiegmann CEO at iF International Forum Design.

Our summary of the talk is featured in the video below and the full talk is available at the bottom of the page.

AI Learning Machines

LG has developed the Worlds most advanced chip for AI ( Artificial Intelligence) to enable their devices to learn and communicate with each other. They will develop and importantly share this technology to help develop the market with third party technology innovators.

One example given involved a Robot Vacuum that could potentially receive information from an AI fridge freezer that could potentially sent the robot a 3d model of the space to enable it to learn the route and become more efficient, an AI ThinQ Television would be able to do similar. This is called virtual modelling where these device would be ultra efficient from day one.

The next step is where it gets a little scary, these same AI ThinQ intelligent devices would be able to learn from the humans in the house, they rarely bump into things and therefore the human route could be sent to the robot vacuum enabling to not only bump into fewer objects, but concentrate on the busiest, most used routes in the home.

AI in machines will be far better at learning than humans, Maurice gave the example if Dr Park were to teach him Korean, he may remember 10% at first and if not continued over time this would drop further, a machine however, will remember 100% and the key is that it will be able to share 100% of what it learns with other enabled machines, resulting in zero loss of information.


The future of travel was discussed and it was agreed that in the not to distant future all cars will be electric and automated, therefore no need for driver attention. LG is very excited about this as it means that where they are very prominent in home and office based environments, they see the cars of the future will be extensions of these. Millions of mobile offices and homes moving around the transport network.

There will be no real need for a glass windscreen or windows, these will be replaced with screens that will not only be entertainment devices but will allow for conference calls and office set ups as well as enabling shopping all from the comfort of the vehicle.

Longer journeys will therefore be far more comfortable, you will be able to get in, set your location and then perhaps settle down to a movie or perhaps even sleep. It may sound futuristic but the vehicle technology is already here and all we need now is the infrastructure to catch up.

The environment will also benefit, with less need for carbon hungry planes and trains as speed will not be the only issue, comfort and quality of travel time also a factor.


We were invited to see a couple of appliances that are almost ready to launch, one the LG Styler an all in one clothes cleaning, drying and ironing solution (demo in video above). The other a screen where you will be scanned and provided with accurate measurements enabling you to browse clothes, try them on via your virtual avatar and then order them to purchase. (demo in video above)

Weather you are sceptical or not the one thing we know is the future of tomorrow is almost unimaginable and this discussion is just some of what will become reality. Watch the full talk below.

Does the future scare or excite you?