MetalKettle has just released 'Movie Hut' add on which is a rival to Genesis. Packed full to the brim of movies dating back to 1968 you are sure to find one that you are looking for. Not only is the content good but the hit rate is to with lots of sources leading to a more successful work rate than many are finding with popular add ons like Genesis.

The Video below gives an overview and shows how to install. More details below the video.

Located from MetalKettle's repository which also features other great add ons, the Movie Hut add on can be installed by following these steps.

System >

File Manager>

Add Source>

Type in the box called 'None'

Type .fusion in the media source>

Click 'OK'>

Go back to System>

Click Settings>

Click Addons>

Click Install from Zip>

Click xbmc repos>

Click English>


Wait for add on enabled>

Click Install from Repository>

Click MetalKettles Repo>

Click Video Addons>

Click Movie Hut>

Click Install.

Job Done!