Now you can see all the great posts and tutorials in one place!

With the Facebook group getting bigger and bigger some members have told me that they find it hard to navigate through a lot of 'regular' posts in order to find new content that will be good for everyone.

We have some fantastic contributors to the group, third party websites, people making video tutorials and many more. I have therefore decided to help you get all this info from many different sources here at

I will take the best posts, links and videos etc and put them either on the home screen here or in the 'videos from group' section. I will be adding 'member builds' where you can show off your designs. 

Important to note that all of the links will summarise the information and then link directly to your content / website.

If you want to get the latest news on all the best add ons, updates and Kodi related features direct to your mailbox then enter your email in the subscribe box. It will save you trailing through hundreds of unrelated news.

 By posting in the Facebook group you agree for us to reference the post here and link bank to your website / you tube channel etc. See below for a couple of screenshots of how it will look.

It should make it easier for members to find your great material and get you more traffic to your media.