Will ISP Providers will be writing to customers using Kodi?

JANUARY 12th 2017

The BBC are reporting today that ISP providers will soon be sending 'educational letters' to customers identified as downloading copyrighted material.

You may be thinking, I just use Kodi, so I'm ok! 

Well Kodi was mentioned in the report but the good news is that Kodi and Kodi Add ons are not included in this proposal. The nature of watching copyrighted material has changed in the last few years, with the move being made more to streaming, than downloading.

It is likely that it is, only a matter of time before legislation changes to cover streaming as well as downloading. We will keep you updated on this.

One sure way to avoid any uncomfortable 'knocks on the door' is by using a VPN which allows you to stream, surf and download completely anonymously. We recently looked at how a VPN affects the performance of KODI. See the Video Below and if you are interested in getting a VPN then check out our recommended choice HERE